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The Art Of Flirting In Russian: Romantic Things To Say In Russian

Life is meaningless without love. However, finding the partner of your dreams in your native country seems to be a lot more complicated every day. Luckily, these days, you can expand your horizons and travel lengths to find the love of your life. Russia is one of the countries that draw gents from every part of the world in search of a beautiful Russian mail order bride.

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Yet, aside from spotting the potential soulmate, you need to woo her and win over her heart before she gives it to anyone else. Russian love phrases may trigger the reaction you hope for, just like that, so learning some romantic Russian phrases is the place to start the conquest!

Main reasons to master flirting in Russian

You may think that the lady should learn English better through intimate communication with you. Nevertheless, some vital reasons indicate the opposite. Among the main reasons why you should master some Russian expressions of love, the experts distinguish the following:

Flirting In Russian
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  • When you show your interest in the native culture, which usually includes the native tongue of the nation, you show the lady that you’re genuinely sincere and serious with your intentions.
  • It’s utterly easy to underestimate the tremendous power of simple phrases. It usually takes time and effort for a foreigner to learn and memorize words incredibly different from what English sounds like. However, the process ensures that you build a strong bond with the woman you choose to go such lengths for.
  • Even the simplest Russian compliments will reward you better than any of the most eloquent sayings shared in English. Russian ladies value the interest and effort and are more than willing to repay the deed.

How do you present Russian sayings about love correctly?

If you’re willing to make a Russian woman fall in love, you need to realize that it’s both about what and how you say the compliment. So, these are the main guidelines to stick to:

  • Don’t push it too far. You want to put everything you mean to say into the foreign-coated phrase. However, when you try to master a too lengthy sentence, the effort may be lost on its correctness rather than on the meaning.
  • Don’t use Russian sweet words too often. It may decrease the initial intentions behind them.
  • Don’t urge the lady to say the same back to you. Russian women don’t use romantic phrases in vain. She’ll tell you how she feels when she’s ready, your impatience may only discourage the girl.
Russian expressions
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Romantic things to say in Russian when in love

It’s fairly simple to mistake passion for true love and vice versa. Thus, you shouldn’t use the mentioned phrases when you’re still unsure about your feelings. But, on the other hand, Russian ladies are earnest about anything regarding love and serious relationships.

  • I love you!—[Ja ljublu: tebja]
  • I can’t live without you!—[Ja ne mogu zhitʹ bez tebja]
  • I fell in love with you from the first glance!—[Ja vljubilsja v tebja s pervogo vzgljada]
  • I need you so much!—[Ty mne ochenʹ nuzhna]

Russian flirting phrases for every occasion

If you haven’t reached the point when you’re ready to exchange the words of love, you should be willing enough to memorize a bunch of compliments to woo your lady with.

  • You’re so beautiful!—[Ty ochen’ krasivaja]
  • You’re so special to me!—[Ty udivitelʹnaja]
  • You’re the best!—[Ty samaja lutshaja]
Russian sayings about love
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Russian pet names to add to the vocabulary

If Russian romantic phrases seem like too much to deal with, you can start with lovely pet names that most Russian women are used to.

  • My love—[Ljubimaja]
  • Kitty—[Kotenok]
  • Sweetheart—[Milaja]
  • Baby girl—[Malyshka]
  • Princess—[Printsesa]


Many have tried to determine why are Russian women so pretty, yet the mystery remains unsolved. In fact, it matters little as to why as long as you manage to lure one of those gorgeous women into your love nets. Mastering Russian love vocabulary may be a shortcut that will take you in front of all the competitors. Don’t hesitate to learn something new since it may change the course of your life for the better once and for all!