When we talk about European ladies, we usually mean Eastern Europe — such countries as Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus, are probably the biggest suppliers of brides (except China and some Latin countries). So, what are European women like? Why do thousands of guys from the US want to date them? What are the most popular myths about them? Read and find the answers!

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Top-4 facts about European mail brides. What to know about them?

  1. Family is important for them. If you are going to date a European bride, here’s another thing you should know: their families are very important for them. It means two things. The first one is: you’ll have to impress her family, not just her. The second one is: your European bride will do her best for you and for your children. That’s another reason why everyone loves these ladies.
  2. They are strong but feminine. They are strong and independent, but not in an annoying way. They need a family and a man who will love and respect them, but they can also be very strong in case if it’s needed. At the same time, these women always remember that they are women — they are emotional, sincere, and delicate.
  3. They are perfect housewives. Here comes another important factor to consider when choosing your future wife. European brides tend to be stay-at-home mothers and housewives instead of having a career. They are perfect housewives because they learn how to clean, cook, and do all this stuff from a young age.
  4. They are totally supportive. Have you ever dreamed of finding a woman who would always support you no matter what? If the answer is “yes”, these ladies are what you need. Your European wife will always stay by your side and she’ll never cheat on you — it might sound a little too good to be true, but that’s how it works with Eastern European ladies.

What are European women like? Top myths about mail order brides from Europe

european mail order wives

Now, you know what are European women like. But you’ve also probably heard that some unpleasant things about them (and about all the mail brides, not only about the ladies from this region of the world). Let’s debunk these stereotypes here.

  • Gold-digging myth. They are not gold diggers, that’s a fact. These ladies appreciate men who can provide their families, and they believe (most of them, not 100%) that a husband must earn more than a wife. What’s more, they want to have a good life for their future children — so the majority of them are looking for a man with a stable job. But this has nothing to do with gold-digging.
  • “No career, only family” myth. Yes, they are great housewives, and yes, they often choose the path of making their children and husbands happy over the path of having a 9 to 5 job. But it doesn’t mean that they CAN’T work, achieve high career growth, or earn good money. They are strong, well-educated, and most of them know English well — so they definitely can have a good career in the United States.

Don’t be afraid to try and date European women online – they are definitely worth it!