How Much Does A Slavic Bride Cost Or How Much Does A Dating Slavic Women Online Cost?
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How Much Does A Slavic Bride Cost Or How Much Does A Dating Slavic Women Online Cost?

If you are a man who is dreaming of getting a Slavic bride to create a happy family with her, then you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you have just joined the world of online dating websites, or you are quite familiar with it. You may hear that the best women actually come from Slavic countries. A beautiful Slavic bride can become a wife who will love you and take care of the family. But also you may hear that dating such ladies is not so simple, and there is a certain budget to spend in order to get them. Hence, let’s read and find out the options on which you will spend your money when dating Slavic brides.

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The cost of communication

One of the easiest ways of getting Slavic brides is, of course, Slavic dating sites. So the first thing you should do is register on an international dating website that specializes in dating Slavic brides. There are two types of dating sites you can choose: free and paid. The first type of dating sites is not recommended if you want to get in touch with Slavic girls quickly and want to avoid scam and spam. If you make the right choice – dating on paid services, you will get access to the limitless communication tools which will make your dating quick and effective.

It is free to sign up on both dating sites. But to take full advantage of using them, you should be ready to pay. How much? The price for the monthly subscription is approximately $25-$30.

Also, you can use additional services that should be paid separately. You can try to win the woman’s heart by sending her a real gift. This is a service that most dating sites provide. The price for this option starts at $35.

The cost of a real date

If you want to upgrade your relationships to the next level, it is time to organize a real date. Start your romantic evening by presenting a bouquet of roses. The price for such a gift is approximately $40.

Then you arrive at a restaurant where you will have interesting conversations in the intimate atmosphere. The budget for dinner will be near $100.

Don’t forget to call a taxi for your Slavic bride after dinner in order to be sure that she will arrive at her home safely. The price of a taxi is approximate $10.

The cost of the wedding

Slavic mail order brides cost

If you are sure that your Slavic bride is a woman with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, you can start thinking of the wedding budget. The cost will not be surreal, be ready to pay approximately $4.500-$6.000.

This price includes:

  • Wedding dinner;
  • Rental of a restaurant;
  • Wedding dress and your outfit;
  • Wedding decoration;
  • Rental of the limousine;
  • Photographer;
  • Videographer.

Of course, there can also be some additional expenses, but most of the options will be covered by this price.

The cost of the relocation

The first step in bringing Slavic bride to your home country is a visa. Thus, you should prepare $500-$5.000 for visas and embassy expenses. This price cannot be exact because it depends on your situation.

After your visa has been approved, you should buy airline tickets. The price for a ticket for a Slavic bride will be $500-$600. Also, consider the cost of your ticket.

Final Thoughts

If you are a man who wants to end his bachelor’s life, then the price of $15.000-$20.000 is a bargain as you will receive much more – a stunning Slavic bride who will spend with you the rest of your life.